Realizing an upcoming farewell.

A diary entry

Date: 11 Apr 2017

Subject: My day, Cochin.

I gave no importance to lunch or dinner today. I am ail. I am not strong enough even to think about the reason for my illness, whether it is because of leaving this designation or by my physical condition or thinking about my future days! Although I was happy on my office floor except a back-pain.

For the second time in my office life, I went to an ironing centre run by an old man who seemed to be a Tamil man near my hostel room. Since George, who provides an iron-box among many other things, wasn’t in his room. (He left the company because he refused the common shift struggles which all other people are undergoing.) 

On the office floor, I could hardly keep a good score. I packed 10 crimson mines in my Greenland. (My score graph) So I was invited to the parliament of worst performers. 

Although I appeared stone-faced. 

Today CCOD came to me. He wanted me to give my -work tool software- access to the administrative team to test an upcoming tool. He knows my resignation was approved and no-one cares about my login hours. I did enjoy that period though. 

Joseph, Rose and Sam were there around me. Ann chose her seat in champion’s bay, (there are a few discriminations in the floor) to keep a good score. And She could. Sam has an art of proficiency, he can manage to talk about anything, even to women. That always surprises me.

Now I feel as if I am a Freeman on the floor. Recently I seemed to have an affection towards this system, though many times I referred this as a slavery. 


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